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We’re more than just a staffing agency. We care about the businesses we work with and the people we employ. Check out some of our stories of life change.

After I complete my online application, what is the next step?

aAfter the online application has been submitted, come into our office between 6:30AM and 4PM, Monday through Friday,  to complete the rest of the application process.  Brings 2 ID's from the list of acceptable documents from the I9 https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/forms/i-9-paper-version.pdf

How do I get paid?
aYou get paid with a check or paycard.
Who do I work for, LaborExhcange or the company you place me with?
aYou work for LaborExchange, but you are responsible for communicating to both of us if you stay with the same company for a period of time.
How long must I work for a company through LaborExchange before I can get hired by that company?
aThe client, LaborExchange and individual all play into becoming a full time employee. Once the client wants to hire you, we will work out the hiring process.
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