Looking for the right employees?

We’ve got you covered! We support small businesses in Knox and Sevier counties by securing the right people for the right jobs through understanding their specific needs, finding the best fits, and matching them with qualified workers.


We go the extra mile to make sure you not only get the job done, but that you have the best quality and right people doing it!


We stand by our promises and follow through by doing what we say! 


We meet change head on and work with you to get it done no matter what! We succeed when you do.

What Are You Waiting For? Find The Right People Today!

Ready to meet your next top performer? Start matching with dedicated, skilled professionals through LaborExchange today!

Our Hassle-Free Process: Here’s How It Works

Quick, Easy, Effective – Navigate Your Staffing Journey With Confidence.

1. Get Started

Kick things off by completing our 'Customer Information Sheet', which we'll send straight to your inbox. This will help us get a clear understanding of your unique staffing needs.

2. Discover Your Custom Solution

Based on your requirements, we'll create and send you a personalized quote. This provides a transparent look at our services tailored specifically for your business.

3. Seal The Deal

If our proposal aligns with your needs, all that's left is to sign off on the quote. This will officially kick-start our partnership, and we can't wait to get started!

4. Meet Your New Team

Once we have your approval, we'll handpick the best candidates from our pool of skilled professionals. Just sit back and relax as we order your new team of dedicated employees ready to contribute to your business.

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